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Testimonials From Pro Painters

Learn why professionals trust in PPG

Pro Painter Testimonials

Your Trusted Partner

PPG knows you put your name on everything, and so do we. As a dedicated partner, we are here to help grow your business, no matter how big the job. Learn from our customers how PPG Paints has served them.

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PPG commemorates the Apollo 11 moon landing

No matter how big the job, PPG has the products and services to get things done.

Getting The Job Done With PPG

Submittals are just one of the services PPG is able to assist our customers with.

Gene Valdini and Freddie Palacios

R.S. Painting Company

They go beyond just the paints.

What to expect from PPG Paints

Our representatives go above and beyond for their dealers.

Flora Brothers Painting

Aaron and Justin Flora

It's nice to know that you don't have to worry about your product and your product performing.

See why pros are making the switch

PPG cares about product performance and our dealers trust our paints.

Jessica Helmer

All-Tech Decorating Co.

Assistant Project Manager

All-Tech Decorating has been partnering with PPG since day one.

We stand behind our dealers

PPG delivers quality for professionals who care about quality.

Steve Holden

Steve's Paint Supply

I can't think of a better partner. I'm honored to be a PPG dealer.

Bringing outstanding matching capability

We provide our dealers with the tools they need to deliver the right colors to their customers.

Painting Company

Mike Helm

Project Manager - Prism Painting

Whenever we need it, they're always there for us.

Best In Class Products & Services

Our versatile interior/exterior paints are formulated to meet the performance requirements of professional applicators. Offering good adhesion and hiding on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Residential Repainter

David MacMeekan

Sales Manager - Southern Painting

[PPG's color services] allow me to start my jobs quicker.

Paint Color Expertise You Can Rely On

PPG offers a very broad, finely gradated paint color palette so that you can pinpoint the right color with confidence. Our paint color products cover more surfaces - walls, drywall, roofs, metal, glass, plastic, wood, concrete, you name it - with performance that's second to none.

Pro Painter

Steve N.

RJS Painting - Irving, Texas

I’ve worked with PPG Paints for 10 years, and the one thing that I can always commend is their consistency in product, consistency in service and their outstanding efforts to go above and beyond.

Ensuring success - For All Customers

PPG is dedicated to a consistently of quality.

Authorized Dealer

Freddy Tichner

Vice President - Mercury Paint

When you have a company like PPG behind you there's no reason why you can't go out and get substantial market share. 

Top Quality Products & Service

We’re here to help, whenever you may need it with product recommendations, samples and additional resources.