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Professional Paint Programs & Services

Over 100 years of providing solutions across all industry segments

Ordering PPG Paint Online Has Never Been Easier

Made exclusively with pros like you in mind, the PPG Paints App makes it easier than ever
to quickly shop paint, tools, and more to keep your job moving.
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Residential Segment Flipbooks

Each customer segment has a flipbook designed to provide a detailed overview of the segment along with PPG Product & Color solutions specific to that segment.

Commercial Segment Flipbooks

Additional Pro Info

Browse TDS, products, case studies, and job estimating services

Personalized Assistance for Paint Professionals

PPG offers comprehensive support to paint and design professionals through a range of services and resources. Our dedicated sales representatives and customer support team are readily available to provide prompt and reliable assistance, including guidance on product selection, troubleshooting, and general advice.

In addition to personalized support, we provide a wealth of resources to help you excel in your craft through access to technical data sheets, safety data sheets, and product catalogs that enable you to make informed decisions and ensure the proper application of our paints and coatings.

By taking advantage of our advanced color-matching technology, you can create custom colors for your projects and meet clients’ specific color requirements and the desired aesthetic outcomes.

Furthermore, our continuing education programs are designed to keep you up to date with the latest industry trends, techniques, and best practices. By participating in these training sessions, you can expand your expertise, improve your efficiency, and deliver exceptional results to your customers.

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