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How To Use Metallic Paint

Making your walls shimmer

How To Use Metallic Paint

Painting Advice: How To Use Metallic Paint

Metallic colors bring timeless luxury to any space. However, they require a little more care during their application than most paints. Here's some painting advice for everything you need to know to get the job done on your own.


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How To Use Metallic Paint

Painting Advice

1. Preparation

With any paint job, you want to make sure to prep the walls for a clean, smooth surface. 

  • Wash the wall with mild soap and let dry completely.

  • Remove any outlet wall plates and light switch covers, keeping all the screws with them.

  • Use masking tape or painter's tape to protect whatever you do not want to paint. 

  • ​Cover nearby furniture and the floor with tarps.

Then apply an acrylic primer, like SEAL GRIP® Interior/Exterior Universal Primer/Sealer.

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How To Use Metallic Paint

Painting Advice

2. Application

Make sure you have enough metallic paint for the job. A gallon of Metallic Tones covers about 200 sq. feet in two coats, so two gallons should be enough.

To ensure a high-quality finish, use a premium 3/8-inch nap roller.

Starting in a top corner, work in square sections in a random downward “W” or “V” pattern, finishing with diagonal strokes from upper-left to lower-right.

You’ll end up with a textured look that lets the light pick up the edges. 

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Refer to the product label, Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for detailed safety and application instructions.

How To Use Metallic Paint

Painting Advice

3. Dabbing the trim

With a smal sponge, dab the metallic paint around all the edges of the wall.

This will ensure that the edges have as much paint as the rest of the wall.

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How To Use Metallic Paint

Painting Advice

4. Second coat

For the second coat, use a specialty faux finish sponge roller to add dimension to the surface, allowing the metallic paint color to capture and reflect the light.

Start in one corner and move from top to bottom, overlapping slightly, for even consistency.

Again, use a downward sweep from top to bottom, then dab the edges with a small sponge.

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How To Use Metallic Paint

Painting Advice

5. Finishing up

Brush the trim, if trim is included in the project, evenly in one direction. 

Allow the paint ample time to dry, based on product instructions, and enjoy your new metallic finish.

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Please refer to the Product Label, Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety and detailed application instructions.