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CARB Certification

California EPA Air Resources Board Certification

Eco-Friendly Paint Products : CARB

ARB was established in 1967 by the California Legislature to oversee the activities of the now 35 local and regional air pollution control districts as they developed source-specific rules such as those for individual coating sources like architectural coatings. 

Eco-Friendly Paint Products : CARB

California EPA Air Resources Board VOC Requirements


ARB has amended the architectural coatings VOC limits described in the Suggested Control Measures (SCM) model rule several times, most recently in 2000 and then again in 2007. Some of the 35 individual air districts have adopted or customized the SCMs for their own Architectural Coatings Rule based on their unique air pollution problems while others have remained under the EPA National AIM rule.

ARB AIM Rule Exemptions:

  • Small container exemption allows the sale of coatings above maximum VOC limits if packaged in containers of one liter or less for all categories.

  • CA air district rules typically includes a three year sell-through provision allowing the sale of coatings above the maximum VOC limits if manufactured prior to the effective data for rule changes.

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SCM 2000

SCM 2007


Flat 100 50
Non-Flat 150 100
Non-Flat High Gloss 250 150
Industrial Maintenance General 250 250
Industrial Maintenance High Temp 420 420
Primer 200 100
Quick Dry Primer 200 100
Quick Dry Enamel 250 150
Floor 250 100
Rust Preventative 400 250
Stains 250 250
Dry Fog 400 150
Varnish 350 275
Waterproofing Sealer - Wood 250 275
Wateproofing Sealer - Concrete 400 100


*Category names are for comparison purposes between the various air districts only. The actual name listed in specific rules may vary.